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Peter Davis

An writer at FOMOdrive

  • Nov 20, 2023
  • 2 min read

“Argentine Trump” promised to disperse the Central Bank and switch to the US dollar

The newly elected president of Argentina pledged to disband half of the government and abolish the Central Bank.

Javier Miley is aiming to bring about drastic transformations in order to guide the nation out of its current dire predicament.

Trump praised Miley's success and called for the revival of Argentina's greatness.


Reuters reports that Argentina has chosen right-wing libertarian Javier Miley as its new president in order to address an economy that has been severely impacted by triple-digit inflation, an impending recession, and increasing poverty.

Miley emerged victorious with a greater-than-anticipated majority, garnering 56% of the ballots compared to Massa's 44%, the center-left Peronist Economy Minister.

Approximately 40% of the people in Argentina are living in poverty, and the nation is on the brink of its sixth recession in the last ten years. Inflation in Argentina is very high, with a rate of more than 140%, and the peso has depreciated by 90% against the US dollar in the last four years.

Miley pledged during his election campaign to lead Argentina out of its crisis by implementing drastic changes to the second largest economy in Latin America.

Miley, the politician, has been given the nickname of "the economist with a chainsaw" due to his plans to abandon the peso, close the Central Bank, and reduce government spending by 15%, as reported by the Financial Times.

Argentina's political and economic landscape has been shaken up by Miley's victory, with Reuters noting that trade in grain, lithium and hydrocarbons could be affected. Miley expressed his disapproval of China and Brazil, declaring that he would not work with "communists" and instead preferred to have closer relations with the United States.

Javier Miley has been given the nickname "Argentine Trump" due to the similarities between his rhetoric and appearance, according to bfm. Miley has proposed banning abortion and sex education in schools, as well as legalizing the sale of weapons and human organs. President Trump congratulated Miley on his victory and called for making Argentina "great again."

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